Australia-Japan Cable is a quality submarine cable system offering connectivity and bandwidth. Operationally excellent since its inception in 2001 and a design life to 2026, it has provided outstanding reliability and resilience enabling for our customers a cost effective and diverse method of supplying services onto their customers.

Australia-Japan Cable (AJC) is a submarine cable directly connecting Australia and Japan, via Guam. The cable configuration comprises two physically separate cable stations connected by fibre in each of Australia, Guam and Japan enabling continuing access to each country should any repairs be required to one of the two landings to a country.  To enable onward connectivity the AJC network provides access to high capacity, high volume, low unit cost trans-Pacific and intra-Asia cables via Guam and Japan. AJC was upgraded with 40G technology in mid 2012 and with 100G technology in late 2013 and early 2014.  It is currently equipped to about 1,000Gbit/s Australia-Guam-Japan and has a potential capability to over 5,000Gbit/s, enabling further upgrades as required.

The cable system provides diversity which assists traffic survivability in a dual event outage to any one ring system. AJC offers a range of products allowing capacity users to apply to their individual network requirements. These range from Protected SDH, Unprotected SDH, GbE Ethernet Services and Multi-rate 10G Client Interfaces.  Higher rate Client Interfaces such as 100G can be installed as required.


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